About Us

Institute of

Automobile Engineering

The Institute of Automobile Engineering was established in the year 2013. The department provides an ideal platform for the students to develop multi-disciplinary expertise and to harness them to become good next generation engineers. We achieve this through our commitment to the educational excellence, creation, development and application of technologies critical to automobile engineering, the architecture and engineering of complex high-performance systems. And for a better learning experience, students are exposed to case studies, problem-based learning, brainstorming, written tests, computer simulation, group discussions, industrial training seminars and projects.

Autotronics Department

The objective of Department of Autotronics is to develop and fulfil the global requirements and enhancing the knowledge of students. The scope of this program is to impart knowledge to graduating students in the field of digital communication in vehicles, automotive electrical and electronics system, hybrid & electronic vehicles and engine management system. The course also creates awareness on Electronics Engineering and Information Technology related to vehicle concepts and also train them to analyse issues, improve performance of vehicles and quality of product. Autotronics, a flexible engineering of automobiles that enable the automotive engineer to fit anywhere in the industry.